Sunday, July 27, 2014


Some of you, the good people who are kind enough to talk to me, have asked for more of this home performance stuff, and something like an online tutorial. I tried to create both in one.

Both in one. Always in search of the next innovative hybrid, we humans are always combining two things to make a third. Sometimes, one thing is divided into two, and then the new resulting parts are used to create a third.

The creative act itself is dependent on the simultaneous occurrence of two seemingly opposite "realities" to create a new one that often brings with it a flash of insight, and sometimes humor. This third thing, this byproduct of opposing incompatibilities, is the spark of humorous insight. The creation equation.

This video is another thing I've made to give me a chance to laugh at myself, and I hope it brings a little dual reality convergence into your mind and heart, and whatever goo lies between them.

To sum up and bring it all together (before letting it blow apart again), overtone singing IS a perfect example of the creation equation. We have what APPEARS to be one note PRODUCING more than one note: melody within drone; movement within stasis; music within sound.


  1. Haha "its ridiculous..." Very entertaining video, I enjoyed it :)

  2. Where can I buy or download any studio sound quality music of yours Alex?
    I love it.
    The Youtube isn't feeding the need.
    I must put this on my phone and listen while on walks amongst the trees.

  3. Hey my skype name is jack.lancaster365 could you teach me?

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